“How was Australia?”

Kia ora everyone, It’s been a while, I know. Two and a half months since I’ve been back, and made my last post. A month ago I sat outside of the Hub on campus, wrote out this entire post, then went home with the intention of sending it when I got there. I got distracted,... Continue Reading →


The Grey Havens

Kia ora everyone, from Dunedin International Airport. My flight to Auckland leaves in less than an hour, and in less than five hours I will be headed back to the U.S. So here we are. I finished my last exam yesterday, at long last. Home has somewhat become an abstract concept. It doesn’t feel real,... Continue Reading →


Happy Memorial Day! It's been two (?) weeks since my last post. I tried to do this Saturday, but the creative process wasn't... processing. Instead I watched The Aviator, Gangs of New York and then diverged from the Leonardo Dicaprio theme with a documentary about whales- although I was thinking about trying to find The... Continue Reading →

pita bread and self reliance

Kia ora everyone! At the moment I am sitting outside at the enjoying the sun at the Marsh Study Center at the end of my street. It is a newly renovated building with plenty of comfy seating, windows, and outlets, with a little coffee and snack shop where one can get the cheapest espresso drinks... Continue Reading →

home comes to visit

Two weeks ago on Friday I flew up to Auckland to meet my family, who had decided to come see me in New Zealand basically as soon as I decided to go. My parents told my grandma that they were going, and she decided to come. Then my cousin decided the same thing. My mom... Continue Reading →

Syllabus Week

"After a few years, with some time off for good behavior, I was given an opportunity to better myself through learning, at a strange place called shool." If you haven't seen Megamind I highly recommend it. Having a two month break made the idea of starting school again very alien. This semester I am taking... Continue Reading →

castle street

Last Monday I had a short flight (with a window seat, finally) and shuttle ride before i was walking into the Uni Flats Office and getting my key. As soon as I told her "Castle Street" the lady helping me said "Oh that's a pretty rowdy street, good luck." The shuttle driver said essentially the... Continue Reading →

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